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As crowd-funded project, Coming Full Circle depends on people just like you to bring this wonderful story to life.

Although we fell short of our goals in our previous IndieGoGo campaigns, we’re currently moving forward with the project thanks to a handful of supporters and pro-bono team members, but still, we still can use any help you can offer.

• You might be specifically interested in the hurdy-gurdy, or Spanish music and history, or both—and you’d like to see this project come into being.

• You might be a fan of independent film and interesting documentaries.

• Because you will make a difference to a new filmmaker’s first major project, one which will help add to the understanding of Spanish traditional music, and help dispel (musical) stereotypes about Spain.

With your support, you’ll help us accomplish the following:

• Transcription & Translation: we need to transcribe and translate hours of video footage

• Video Editing & Post-production (color correction, audio mixing, etc.)

• Paying for storage space (physical & Cloud storage)

• Web-page maintenance

• Processing fees to create downloadable & physical copies of the film once it’s completed

• Marketing & Promotion: spreading the word via press and social media campaigns

As a supporter, you’ll receive awesome perks too!

Here’s a list of what you’ll receive depending on your donation:

Thank-you card & surprise gift – $7 USD

A specially-designed thank you card with the Sinfonia movie poster on the front, with a greeting from me inside. A special surprise gift is included as well!

Sinfonia movie poster – $10 USD

Just like it says: a poster for the Sinfonia film. Let me know if you’d like the director’s signature on it, either front or back.

Download version of Soundtrack – $12 USD

This gift is a digital, downloadable version of the Sinfonia soundtrack, provided by either CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, or a similar supplier. I’ll also send a physical thank-you card.

Download copy of Sinfonia – $25 USD

This will be a digital (DRM) copy of your own of the Sinfonia documentary film, similar to Amazon or iTunes or YouTube purchase, and likely provided by one of these suppliers. I’ll also send you a physical thank-you card.

CD of Sinfonia Soundtrack – $36 USD

This is a CD (yes, some still are used!) of the Sinfonia soundtrack, physical copy of course. Signed or unsigned.

DVD copy of Sinfonia – $60 USD

This gift includes the DVD of the Sinfonia film (signed or unsigned).

DVD, Soundtrack CD, Poster – $100 USD

This gift includes a physical copy of the film on DVD, plus a (physical) CD of the soundtrack. Also included is a promo poster for the film (unsigned or signed, back or front).

Private screening of Sinfonia – $250 USD

For this contribution level, I’ll arrange for a private screening of the documentary for you and your invited guests, at a venue near your home. If it is possible to arrange it when I am in your area, I will also present a pre-screening talk, with a director’s Q &A to follow. This is a great option for clubs and organizations who wish to help out!

House Concert in your honor – $500 USD

I’m preparing a concert of music for solo tenor with sinfonie, featuring the songs of Machaut as well as music from the Spanish-French border areas during the medieval period. It will also feature a new instrument, commissioned by me from English makers Chris Allen & Sabina Kormylo. Enjoy a concert performed in your honor, at your home, whenever I am in your area!

Medieval Sinfonie – $1200 USD

A very special and unique medieval sinfonie, built by the acclaimed violin- and bow-maker André Klaassen (Zutphen, NL) in 1988 (his opus 52). Special because it was originally made for the renowned Irish singer Nóirín Ní Ríain, and played by her since then. Own a piece of musical history that joins Ireland, Holland, and hurdy-gurdies!

Galician Zanfona – $2500 USD

A Galician zanfona, built in 1999 by Luciano Pérez in Lugo, Galicia. I got it in 2000, and since then have added a buzzing bridge. I’ve played it through many years of concerts and a few recordings, and other memories, too: for a short while, it belonged to the late Judith Lindenau, a friend of the US hurdy-gurdy community, before I bought it back from her in 2010. It’s special to me, so I want it to go to someone special, who helps make this film a reality. (Plus, it’s featured in the film!)

Fundraising Goal

Can’t give now? Here are other ways you can help.

We realize that not everyone will be able to help this project monetarily. But that doesn’t mean we don’t value your contribution! Any of the following will be wholeheartedly appreciated:

Signing up to our newsletter and spreading the word on Twitter & Facebook

• Pro-bono & in-kind services: We’re currently looking for help with editing, transcribing & translating–Plus, you’ll get awesome perks as well! Interested? Visit our team zone.