La Zanfona en Espaņa
Su historia y trayecto milenario

The Hurdy-Gurdy in Spanish History and Culture

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For autumn 2009

leovigildo santamaria

The Hurdy-Gurdy in Spain:
Across Times and Places

A documentary film telling the amazing story of the zanfona
Written and directed by Wolodymyr Smishkewych

el ojo soy Productions


This project will research and document the history and current status of the hurdy-gurdy in Spain. For over one thousand years, the hurdy-gurdy has been a European instrument with a varied life: from monasteries to troubadours to palace courts to blind minstrels and rock stars. Ironically, the instrument has received little attention below the Pyrenees, the land of its origin. Bringing together archival and ethnographic research, interviews with instrument builders and players, and live concert footage—and with a sountrack featuring some of the finest players on the instrument today—this documentary will pull back the curtain on the zanfona, or Spanish hurdy-gurdy, as it enjoys it present-day renaissance.

This project is being made possible by an IEE Fulbright Grant and the ongoing support of the Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between the United States of America and Spain.

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