Coming Full Circle springs forward into editing

Irish winters are a perfect example of why we want to hibernate in the coldest season of the year: eternal grey skies, average temperatures of around 2ºC, and a dampness that can soak through the liveliest of spirits. But the Coming Full Circle team hasn’t been dozing through the dark months! Read ahead to find out what we’ve been up to…and yes, let’s not forget our happy little friend, the GDPR!


First things first: GDPR and the EU directive

You get our (hopefully not-too-intrusive) emails, as you are currently on the Coming Full Circle Film email list. The list is stored in the database of our MailChimp account with the username ‘zanfona’ (how appropriate). Many of you know, and perhaps use, the MailChimp service, and probably know they have also been planning for GDPR compliance since last year.

Details in our CFC email list consist of an email address, and where we have it, a forename, surname, and in many cases a country. No postal address or social media details are held. Our newsletters and campaigns are sent out using MailChimp in such a way that other recipients do not see email addresses of those on the list.

We are happy to continue to send you our newsletter and other CFC information. However, if you decide you want to be removed from our list please just contact us at any time. You can also update your subscription preferences using the link at the bottom.

Spring forward: CFC team assembled and ready

One of the things that seemed to be holding us up in the autumn was that Yuri and I faced a mammoth task of finishing logging, scripting, and beginning the editing process. Being otherwise employed, we both found that our time was going elsewhere, so we had to do a bit of a reality check to see what we could do to get things really under way after our September-October burst of autumnal energy. What we needed was to get together a team.

The Right Stuff

Our new CFC team members! Shane, Louise & Róisín hanging out post-team meeting.

Working on several creative projects during the year with his partner Yonit Kosovske, Vlad came across a duo of dynamic, creative audiovisual artists who edited Yonit’s surrealist film The Seducer (Music by Ian Wilson, text by Vasko Popa). Enter Louise and Roísín Berg, from the Clare/Limerick area. They were in the throes of completing their respective BAs in Film Production & Effects and Music, Media and Performance Technology, and over the course of the year I got to know them and their work. With the two of them, plus tech consultancy by veteran film industry IT guru Shane Wynter (who lives right here in the area), our little team was ready to start! Check out our team bios here.

May the Editing Begin

Well, just about…May is going to be for pre-editing, as the logging, transcripts, and scripting are all finalised. June, July and the start of August will be full-on summer editing! In the meanwhile, and in between concert performances and other work, we will start to set our sights for the final crowdfunding push: the Coming Full Circle book!


Lots of them, too. The final fundraiser that we will hold for CFC will be a book, detailing Vlad’s journey, the making of the documentary, and especially: all those hurdy-gurdies. With the digital stacks of photos that are in the CFC archives, there will be plenty of gorgeous visuals in this book, as well as historical records documenting the ages of the zanfona.

Let’s get this site on the Web!

Our long-overdue website is finally here. The new website will not only provide visitors with information about the project, but will also feature other media-rich content that’ll be updated regularly. Everything from postproduction & fundraising updates, to release details will be there.

What’s more, supporters of the project will have an additional perk: a VIP section that’ll include, among other things, a dashboard providing up-to-date production information as well as a message board where they can actively participate in the production process.

The site has been built in-house using WordPress and goes online 24 May, 2018: that’s today! Visit the new site now.

Open Calls!

Wanted: ‘cranky’ video clips.

The team is currently looking for any video clips of hurdy-gurdy players, makers, or of events featuring the instrument that were held in the Iberian peninsula, or of Spanish artists playing around the world. Want to help us out? Click here.

Picture your hurdy-gurdy in this book.

There are still plenty of spots available in the upcoming CFC book for players in and out of Spain who feel like they are a part of the zanfona‘s history. There are also plenty of people who play zanfona but who Vlad never got a chance to interview or film. Does this sound like you? Then drop us a line so we can talk about your zanfona experience, and maybe you have a page waiting in the book!

Want to join the CFC team?

The CFC team needs help with transcribing video interviews in Spanish and English. Interested? Visit our team zone.