‘Sinfonia’ Comes Full Circle: New Title, New Website, New Energy!

After a long and productive summer, the production team for ‘Sinfonia’ hit the ground running at the start of autumn. This newsletter is our first big change, and with it comes all our news and updates.

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2018 Release Means a Change of Title

In order to ratchet up visibility in advance of our planned 2018 spring release we’ve decided to rename the documentary from its working title of “Sinfonia” to “Coming Full Circle.” From now on, you’ll see everything related to the film coming in under that rubric.

Why “Coming Full Circle?”

“I wanted to make sure the film had a title that was close to its essence, to the heart of the journey that the film had become,” says Vlad Smishkewych, the film’s director.  “We’d started with the title “Sinfonia,” and for those in the know, it was no problem to understand the choice: it was the medieval version of the hurdy gurdy, there was a clear connection to the Spanish name for it—zanfona—and musically, it implied harmony and multiple sounds working together, like a symphony. But as the project grew and found its own path, I realized it was telling a story about my search for the instrument and its players, as much as it was a story of the zanfona’s history and renaissance.”

“In a way,” adds Smishkewych, “it’s a story about my own search and rediscovery, and about an undertaking that lay dormant, was nearly lost, and is now being recuperated. And so many people are now part of that vision, that story, and are helping it gain a real fire in the belly and more visibility. The zanfona’s story, and mine, are now coming full circle—so I wanted the title to reflect that.”

Coming Soon: Comingfullcircle.com

Work has already begun on building CFC’s new website that’s scheduled to go online by the second week of November.

The new website will not only provide visitors with information about the project, but will also feature other media-rich content that’ll be updated regularly. Everything from postproduction, fundraising updates, to release details will be there.

What’s more, supporters of the project will have an additional perk:
an invite to a VIP section that’ll include, among other things, a dashboard providing up-to-date production information as well as a message board where they can actively participate in the production process.

The site is being built in-house using WordPress and is expected to go online by November 13, 2017.

Open Calls!

Wanted: ‘cranky’ video clips.

The team is currently looking for any video clips of hurdy-gurdy players, makers, or of events featuring the instrument that were held in the Iberian peninsula. Want to help us out? Click here.

Want to join the CFC team?

The CFC team needs help with transcribing video interviews in Spanish. Interested? Visit our team zone.